How to Use Corrlinks

Many federal prisoners use the Corrlinks system to communicate with people on the outside, in addition to regular mail. It is totally free for you to use!

If you send an email to a federal prisoner listed on this site, you may receive an email in your email box that looks like the sample email message below. In order to communicate with this prisoner by Corrlinks, you will need to:

  • Go to the Corrlinks website and set up a free account under New User, if you do not already have one.
  • Copy the Identification Code contained in the email message the inmate sent you (in the example below this is 1ABC23DE).
  • Go to your account on Corrlinks and select “Federal Bureau of Prisons” from the drop down menu on the page.
  • Paste the Identification Code into the Identification Code field and click “Go.”
  • Check the box on the right hand side of the screen that says “Enable Email Alert” and click “Accept.”

That’s it! Within 30 minutes, the contact will be activated and you will then be able to email the prisoner through the Corrlinks website.

You will receive notification in your email box whenever the prisoner sends you an email. You may also log into your account at Corrlinks to check for new emails. On the Corrlinks site, you may block an inmate initiated request for emails and you may block an inmate from contacting you at any time either before or after accepting contact with them.

Below is an example of an email notification that you will receive when a prisoner receives your message and initiates email contact with you:

This is a system generated message informing you that the above-named person is a federal prisoner who seeks to add you to his/her contact list for exchanging electronic messages.  There is no message from the prisoner at this time.

You can ACCEPT this prisoner’s request or BLOCK this individual or all federal prisoners from contacting you via electronic messaging at  To register with CorrLinks you must enter the email address that received this notice along with the identification code below.

Email Address:
Identification Code:   1ABC23DE
This identification code will expire in 10 days.

By approving electronic correspondence with federal prisoners, you consent to have the Bureau of Prisons staff monitor the content of all electronic messages exchanged.

Once you have registered with CorrLinks and approved the prisoner for correspondence, the prisoner will be notified electronically.

For additional information related to this program, please visit the FAQ page.


Este es un mensaje generado por el sistema que le informa que la persona mencionada es un preso federal que pretende anadirlo a usted a su lista de contactos para intercambiar mensajes electronicos. No hay ningun mensaje del preso en este momento

Usted puede ACEPTAR esta peticion del preso o BLOQUEAR a esta persona o a todos los presos federales de contactarlo a usted a traves de la mensajeria electronica en Para inscribirse en CorrLinks debe introducir la direccion de correo electronico que recibi esta notificacion, junto con el codigo de identificacion a continuacion.

Direccion de correo electronico:

Codigo de identificacion: 1ABC23DE

Este codigo de identificacion expirare en 10 dias.

Al aprobar la correspondencia electronica con presos federales usted esta consientendo a que personal de la Oficina de Prisiones superivse el contenido informativo de todos los mensajes electronicos intercambiados y cumplir con todas las reglas y procedimientos del Programa.

Una vez registrado en Corrlinks y aprobado para la correspondencia el preso sera notificado por via electronica.

Para obtener informacion adicional relacionada con este programa, por favor visite la pagina de preguntas frecuentes