Jackson Harpole #19613614

Jackson Harpole #19613614


Birth Date:
November 15, 1980
Incarcerated Since:
November 3, 2012
Release Date:
March 4, 2036
Convicted Of:
Robbery 1
Home Town:
Horn Lake, MS
160 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:


Greetings to my fellow neighbors. I’m a Southern man, and yes I do have that outhern Drawl. Y’all come back now, ya hear? I enjoy writing poetry, cooking, making people laugh. After the time I’ve been here studying and grasping knowledge, searching my heart, now I’m ready to show people that I’m a giver by nature of purity, kind words, with a kind soul. I am most definitely ready to laugh with someone, divulge secrets, too, talking on things of interest at that particular time. Considering I treasure meeting new people. If you are ready to endeavor on this journey, with a heart of gold, write me telling me about yourself. I’ll be waiting in angst to read your kind words. Take care!

A poem:

“The Garden of Life.”

Till the field to grow new fruits,
Plant moral seeds inheriting those roots,
Water the ground while the wind blows,
Soaking the dirt until the bud sprouts,
Always watch and prune it need be,
A healthier stalk you’ll start to see,
Vitamins in mulch it must endure,
To have a grander growth and live for sure,
Let the moisture bear its name,
Only the sun’ll gain the fame,
For all the flowers that started to bloom,
I mended daily and I always groomed,
Watch your plants keeping true to the end,
Weeding and maintaining it’s tough to defend,
One day you’ll look back and you’ll see,
How vast your garden has grown to be.

Jackson Harpole #19613614
82911 Beach Access Rd.
Umatilla, OR 97882

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