Walter Weischedel #05755-046

Walter Weischedel #05755-046


Birth Date:
December 3, 1970
Incarcerated Since:
Convicted Of:
Kidnapping, motor vehicle theft, interference with commerce by threat or violence, use of firearm, transporation of stolen vehicle
Home Town:
Springfield, OR
180 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:


When you’re in prison for the rest of your life, the world doesn’t wait for you, nor do most family and friends. For some, if you’re fortunate, you still have a parent who loves you unconditionally. People on the TV or the radio aren’t talking to you, telling you how their day was or what they ate for dinner or how they walked their dog through the park and gazed at the sky or the trees and flowers. All the things people take for granted. People unlike me. I’m not here to judge anyone, I’m here because of my own doings. I have nothing to offer, however, I do have an open mind and unbiased ears. I consider myself a realist and see things for what they are. I’m also a person who took a long time to realize all the lefts I took when I should have turned right. What I’d like, is to hear from you, what’s on your mind? How was your day? Snail mail and emails are both an option I have. I also have plenty of time for you! Feel free to use it. I’ll answer all and anyone willing to write. People grow, some just take a little longer. I was a husband, I’m a brother, a father and a grandfather.

Now I’m a Conpal. Thanks for reading.
Looking forward to mail call.

Walter Weischedel #05755-046
Terre Haute USP
PO Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

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