Thomas Taylor #00463468

Thomas Taylor #00463468


Birth Date:
March 12, 1949
Incarcerated Since:
April 2009
Release Date:
April 12, 2079
Convicted Of:
Kidnap, assault
250 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Friendship, legal help


I’m a man sentenced to 70 years because I refused to plead guilty to a crime which never happened and is physically impossible to commit. I’m seeking pen pals who would be willing and able to help obtain records and documents from State Government Agencies.

When I was convicted the appellate attorney Brent Horst stated I’d be home by September 2011. He lied about what he could do and was doing! He refused to file any motions to have the DA and Judge to turn over records and documents in which Judge Amy Reedy supposedly based her rulings on!

In June 2012, I earned an AA in paralegal studies. But I’ve been kept out of the law library most of the past ten years.

I need a “Go Fund Me” website for legal appeal cost and education. Because I’m unable to do this from prison, hopefully someone who knows about these things could help set-up some type of legal appeal cost and education fund to help get these records and documents and I could take some more law courses.

Geographical areas were I’m seeking pen pals from are Los Angeles and Sacramento California, Paintsville – Johnson County Kentucky, Naples – Collier County and Fort Myer – Lee County and Tallahassee Florida, Cleveland and Cincinnati Ohio, Chicago Illinois and Chattanooga Tennessee.

I know this isn’t what most prisoners put in their ads. I’m 72 years old and am white and been in prison for the past thirteen years.

Thomas Taylor #00463468
PO Box 5000
Mountain City, TN 37683

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