Warren Clark #80744-479

Warren Clark #80744-479


Birth Date:
October 21, 1984
Incarcerated Since:
Home Town:
Sugar Land, TX
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Friendship, legal help


My name is Warren Clark. I currently sit as a political prisoner in a jail in Texas for a crime I didn’t commit. I used to be a teacher, teaching the English language to students in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In 2015 I traveled to Iraq and Syria and lived there for over 3 years. The United States government then conspired to accuse me of attempting to join the Islamic State group also known as ISIS. My crime is not terrorism, my crime is being an outspoken advocate for my faith and an advocate for the millions of oppressed and voiceless people in my community. My so called “story” has been featured on MSNBC all the way to a Netflix documentary. However, the reality is that everyone has been able to talk about my situation and tell “my story” except me. I simply want the world to know the real Warren Clark behind the propaganda.

My hobbies include traveling, business, art, writing short stories, cooking and trying new foods. I am always looking to do new and exciting things because every new experience is an open door for a new opportunity.

Warren Clark #80744-479
FDC Houston
PO Box 526255
Houston, TX 77052

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